Золоти́стый ретри́вер, или го́лден-ретри́вер, — порода охотничьих собак, выведенная в Великобритании в XIX веке. Золоти́стый ретри́вер, или го́лден-ретри́вер (англ. golden retriever), — порода охотничьих собак, выведенная в Великобритании в XIX веке. Точное описание породы золотистый ретривер (стандарт породы) датируется годом. Голден-ретриверы имеют крепкое гармоничное телосложение с мускулистыми.
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Ретривер с одним ушком стал новой звездой Сети

Этот большой ретривер славится своей блестящей золотистой шерстью средней длины. У него дружелюбный вид и идеальная симметрия внешних черт. Порода золотистый ретривер - это преданный любимец семьи и прекрасный компаньон для бега. Собака очень умная, активная и спортивная. Золотистый ретривер не.

Most of the characters were introduced in the first book, the novel The Story of Doctor Dolittle. Doctor John Dolittle is an English physician who became a doctor for animals after his parrot, Polynesia, taught him to speak animal languages. He has very few human friends and spends most of his time treating animals, travelling the world with his animals and conducting research into new animals and new forms of animal languages.

Dolittle and Dr. Dolittle 2 , and by Robert Downey Jr. He first appears in the novel The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle and acts as the narrator in all the books that take place after his arrival. He is portrayed by William Dix in the film, and by Harry Collett in the film.

He is illiterate but practical, and is the one who advised Dolittle to become an "animal doctor" and learn animal languages. He was played by Anthony Newley in the film. Bumpo is recognisable by his green umbrella and bare feet - not used to wearing shoes, he usually discards them.

He was originally supposed to appear in the film intact, but casting problems eventually led to his character being considerably softened and renamed as "William Shakespeare the Tenth", played by Geoffrey Holder. In the film, he became General Bellowes , a retired military commander and a magistrate, played by Peter Bull.

He loathes any sort of new, unusual, or odd ideas, including veterinary science; he rejects that a veterinarian can talk to animals. General Bellowes deals harshly with Dolittle, who then flees the country before he can be committed to an asylum. By the end of the film, General Bellows decides to pardon Doctor Dolittle when all the local animals go on strike.

Emma is portrayed in the film by Samantha Eggar , as the niece of General Bellowes, for a romantic interest to The Doctor. The deceased wife of the Doctor in the film, who is played by Kasia Smutniak. She died during a naval voyage she undertook on her own, when her ship was hit by a typhoon.

He has learned the language of eagles and thus is able to communicate with Dr. He is featured in The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle. He and his tribe are well educated in literature and history and each citizen is able to speak several languages ever since different books have washed up on Sea Star Island.

Parents name their children after their favorite authors, hence his name. He is nicknamed "Willy" and was played by Geoffrey Holder in the film. When Dolittle allows the crocodile to reside on his premises, which scares his clients away and throws the household back into poverty, she leaves in disgust and gets married when Dolittle refuses to evict the reptile.

She is able to speak English and was the one who first taught Doctor Dolittle the language of animals. She always says she can never remember how old she is, but she remembers that when she came to England, she saw Charles II of England , hiding in an oak tree from the Roundheads : "he looked very frightened".

Along with Chee-Chee and the crocodile, she decided to stay in Africa at the end of the original book, but returned in later stories. In The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle she is described as grey and scarlet. In the film and the film where she is voiced by Emma Thompson and narrates the story , she is portrayed as a macaw; the first film has her explicitly state that she is years old and remembers everything from when she arrived in England and saw King Charles II in hiding, and the stage musical features her sad over how Dolittle will miss her two-hundredth birthday due to his exile.

He is a great lover of food. He has a very keen sense of smell. In the film , he appears as a different breed and wears glasses, and is voiced by Tom Holland. In the movie and all four of its sequels , Dolittle has a different dog named Lucky voiced by Norm MacDonald.

His name apparently means "ginger" in monkey language. In the film , he appears as a gorilla voiced by Rami Malek. She appeared in the film voiced by Octavia Spencer. Cheapside is a Cockney sparrow from East London. He often visits the doctor, to gossip or bring important news.

He is notorious for using bad language. Cheapside and his wife Becky live at St. He is a recurring character in the books. The pushmi-pullyu usually only uses one of its heads to talk, reserving the other for eating thus allowing it to eat while speaking without being rude and claims that its great-grandfather was the last unicorn.

In the film , the pushmi-pullyu was instead portrayed as a double-headed llama. The doctor can immediately speak to the pushmi-pullyu, knowing that llamas speak a dialect of camel language. This is the version that appears in the TV series where he is voiced by Don Messick. The Eddie Murphy film has a brief scene where a pushmi-pullyu is walking in the background while Dr.

Dolittle talks to the tiger in the cage. Toggle is a visually-impaired plowhorse who gets spectacles in The Story of Doctor Dolittle. In the film, he is owned by General Bellowes. This enormous undersea mollusk with a transparent airtight shell is injured when the mysterious floating Spider Monkey Island finally comes to rest in The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle.

The animals arrange for him to ferry Dr. Dolittle and his party back through the ocean to Puddleby. In the film, Dolittle resigns himself to living abroad for the rest of his life due to the price on his head issued by General Bellowes. She makes it apparent to the doctor that she does not like life at the circus and wants to return to the sea to find her husband.

Dolittle disguises her as a woman and takes her to the sea, but a villager in Brighton witnesses Dolittle throwing her off a cliff and gets him arrested for murder. The doctor is released from jail by the local magistrate, Sir William Peabody, who is an old school friend.

In the book this is the last we hear of Sophie, and it is presumed she makes it back to Alaska. However, in the film, Dolittle is tried and found guilty of insanity by General Bellowes, who commits him to an insane asylum. The animals catch wind of it and help Dolittle hightail it out of town before he can be incarcerated, embarking upon a series of worldwide adventures on the open sea.

When Sophie catches up to him again, he is ensconced upon Sea Star Island. As the Great Pink Sea Snail leaves with his human and animal cargo, Sophie along with her husband and pups informs him that every animal in Puddleby has gone on strike to protest the treatment of Dolittle by General Bellows.

Overjoyed, he enlists the services of the Giant Lunar Moth to help him return to Britain. When Doctor Dolittle gets good news from England that the animals have gone on strike and General Bellows has decided to pardon Doctor Dolittle, he ends his exile on Sea Star Island by persuading the moth to make a slight detour and drop him off in Puddleby.

She helps Doctor Dolittle get to Spidermonkey Island by telling him the weather conditions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. Internet Archive. Retrieved 12 February Doctor Dolittle Dr. Dolittle Dr.

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 · Выяснилось, что «тигром» оказался золотистый ретривер в полосатой попоне, которой хозяин утеплил своего питомца. Издалека пёс действительно был похож на символ нового года.


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