Футбол евро 2012 букмекеры

Итог Евро обошелся без сенсации.

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Победила Букмекеры совершенно точно предсказали исход 20 игр, поставив минимальные. Евро сменила главного футбола евро 2012 букмекеры и потеряла в придачу нескольких ключевых футболистов, что тут же сказалось на букмекерских.

Ставки на футбол Российская Премьер-Лига Букмекерская. и приемлемые правила для всех игроков, ставки на футбол евро Стартовало очередное первенство Европы по футболу. Ведь команды Англии и Франции тоже попали в одну группу на Евро

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  1. Poland- Lewandowski
    Sweden- Ibrahimovic
    France- Benzema
    Germany- Mario Gomez
    Spain- David Villa
    Ukraine- Shevchenko
    Portugal- Ronaldo

    England- Andy Carroll….

    1. Jack Hunter Villa wasn’t in that squad, Spain used to play a 4-6-0 without strikers

  2. Afortunado el niño torres, ese año gano la Champions

  3. What a tactical failure by Italy in the final they played 3-5-2 tillthe semis beat Germany with 4-3-3 and persisted with 4-3-3 against a superior attacking opposition, should have persistes with 3-5-2 like they did in the group stage game against spain

  4. 08:20 Say whatever you want about VAR, but these ref mistakes are not happening any longer.

  5. this team was unbeatable . they had the best players of world whole team was full of big stars of football

  6. And thus Spanish golden era ended…..
    Oh wait…
    I forgot abt confederations Cup. Though they didnt won it.

  7. Italy arrived to the Final deserving (great performances in the group and afterwards vs. England and Germany) but with injures in key men (De Rossi and Chiellini) and tireness (Marchisio, Pirlo, Cassano)

    Moreover, we knew that only way to stop that Spain was a difensive 352, a module that I hate but in certain cases you have to be pragmatic

    Italys manager kept with a 4312 and the usual men…….and Italy were let in the hands of that Spain

  8. Thats the one title that Germany threw away too easily … fifteen victories in competitive matches in a row, a world record that stands to this day. One hell of a squad — young and powerful, one of the best Germany has ever had. Won all three matches in one of the toughest groups Ive ever seen in a tournament. But they peaked a little bit too early, they grew over-confident and pulled one crappy day against Italy. — Too bad we could not see them play the final against mighty Spain, it would have been a mouth-watering match.

  9. Spain nt and Laliga dominated the game like no ever did! spain ahead of everyone else ! viva espania

    euro 3
    ucl 18
    uel 17
    super cup 15

    spain rules football

  10. Italy was the only team to score 1 goal against Spain in the whole tournament! Spain was in another league back in the days…

  11. That Spainish team was the Best national team all time.Scoring 4 goals to Italy just impossible thing to do.But they have done it because they were legendary team.

  12. Half of these goals would have been disallowed in 2020 by VAR 🙂

  13. Euro que ganó BARCELONA igual que el mundial de Sudáfrica 2010 el único EQUIPO que le a dado la gloria a España 😂😂😂

  14. fun fact: that was the time where Poland wasnt saved by Wojciech Szczęsny in the match against Greece

  15. World Cup 2014 , Spain was eliminated in the group stage after losing to Netherlands and Chile

  16. この頃のスペインマジで好きだわ

  17. ブワシュチコフスキ、イェラビッチ、カラグーニス、サルピンギディス………


  18. Este copa de Europa woodymaerraymondo profecional futebol haitiano gusta

  19. Автор мудак. Насри и Лескот это два разных человека

  20. They ranked first in the group but lost to Russia in the round of 16

  21. Croatia was in a group with both finalists Spain and Italy, and in the last game against Spain, 5 points wasnt enough for Croatia to go through so we had to go all attack and in 86 min. received a goal on counter attack. So unlucky.

  22. 2008-2012 spain dominated the world like we did in the past . The most iconic and major dinasty in all time ARRIBA ESPAÑA MALDITOS BASTARDOS . APRENDEREIS A HABLAR ESPAÑOL .


  23. World Cup 2018 , Spain the same group as Portugal, Iran and Morocco

  24. Gerard pique
    Andres iniesta
    Xavi Hernandez
    Xabi Alonso
    David Silver
    Fernanado Torres
    What a team it was! just goosebumbs of thinking this golden genereation of spain❤️🇪🇦

  25. Болела за Испинию в тот год и до сих пор. Но эти слезы Пирло рвут сердце. Италия в тот год выступила очень достойно и круто! А легенды сборной Италии Буффон и Пирло навсегда в моем сердце!

  26. I remember..that was a ROUGH group for Denmark 😀 but for such a small country, I think we did okay. 😛

  27. I really hope that Spain play as outstanding as they did 10 year’s ago.

  28. cristiano doing nothing and camera shoot @ fame when you are mediocre xD

  29. 6:36 little did anyone know the guy on the left would lead Bayern to a treble in 2020

  30. Euro 2016, Spain surpassed the group stage in second place behind Croatia

  31. ディナターレの裏抜けが見事すぎんなぁ

  32. Схуя лі Україна з маленької букви на 12:27?

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  34. Crazy to think that in just two years one of the venue cities who hosted Euro 2012 games seceded from Ukraine and became a tragic war theatre.

  35. xabi alonso xavi iniesta david silva fabregas
    no thats not best mid players of all the time that was spain mid 10 years ago

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  37. Damn Fabregas is ice cool under pressure!
    He took the deciding spot pick against Italy in 2008 and he took the deciding one against Portugal in 2012 too